Why Haystack?

"Farmers have no time for plates"

Our uniquely designed interior, from hay in our counter, small working men figures in our 120 year old brick wall, and our original fireplace surrounded by chesterfields is the perfect humble and warm surrounding needed to unwind and relax whilst enjoying some brunch and perfectly poured coffee.

All the wood you can see at the haystack is from the owner’s family farm, even the tables are made from old fence posts. Oh yeah, and our ceiling is an awesome display of coffee bean sacks from around the world.

Our Story

In a very short version of the story …. We both wanted jobs in London, where we both went to Uni. After around 20 interviews travelling back and forth from Swansea to London between us both , rejection after rejection, we turned around to each other and said we cant do this anymore, the time and money we were wasting was too much. Lets just go for it, skip a few years of our ‘5 year plan’ and open up our own place.

After us both living in London for 3 years for Uni we got hooked onto the modern coffee culture. Visiting a new roasteries and coffee shop every weekend, with the dream of opening our own in Swansea one day.

We wanted to create a place that represented our Backgrounds (especially Beths) coming from a 5 Generations Farming family and still living at the same farm in Pontarddullais. We tried to incorporate farming into the style of the café and the design of our menu. Our Full English Breakfast is even served the way Beths Granddad used to eat it, straight out of the pan. ‘Farmers have no time for plates’.

Our Mission

The Haystack is now known as an emerging community hub, constantly engaging and adapting to its customers’ needs, changing the menu (sometimes by the day) to local customer favorites and staff who are always willing to go the extra-mile. ‘We don’t have customers, we have guest. We don’t serve our food we present it’.

We pride ourselves on supporting local businesses like ourselves in anything we do. All our regular suppliers journeys, for absolutely everything, can be added up to a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes. As we grow and develop we hope to encourage and further support local businesses as much as possible.